We know this league doesn’t happen without our volunteers, but we need to be safe.

ALL managers, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents (inside the dugout), field prep and board members must obtain a FYSA ID badge.

To obtain an ID badge, you must complete a coaching certification through the county course or NYSCA online course.

Complete a background clearance, upload a clear headshot/photo, their coaching certification, CPR training (required for managers) and the concussion training, if not included with their coaching certification.

The only exception for the background clearance is Florida Law Enforcement and they must provide a copy of their badge/ID. There is NO exception for military, county employees, teachers, etc.

If an application is incomplete or includes expired information. it will not be processed and they will be notified what is missing or wrong.

To obtain your badging credentials, please follow the directions below.

  1. Background check. As Jan. 28, 2018, background checks will be completed via the Fishhawk Youth Baseball Board. If you are currently applying for a new badge, please email Julie Ferguson at to have a background check completed.
  2. Obtain your Coaching Certification. You can obtain a coaching certification by attending one of the free Hillsborough County classes OR take the online course at your own expense (print your certificate upon completion).
  3. Watch the Concussion and Head Trauma Video and print your certificate with name and date upon completion of the course.
  4. Complete the FYSA online badge form. If you are a manager, please remember to include your CPR certificate and date. If you need CPR Certification, please indicate on the form you are an assistant coach. Fishhawk Youth Baseball will be hosting a CPR training event and will inform Division Reps when the dates are confirmed.

Note: At this time, the Hillsborough County Class and the NAYS online course are the only county-approved classes we can accept.

For questions, please contact Badge Coordinator Julie Ferguson at

Important note: As we prep for the upcoming season, we will announce badge pickup nights for those obtaining a new badge and/or renewing existing credentials.

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