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Applications for the 2022 Cooperstown team are no longer being accepted.

Cooperstown Player Intent to Tryout

Cooperstown Team Manager Application

About FYB Cooperstown team:

Fishhawk Youth Baseball will send a team to participate in the annual 12U tournament at Dreamspark in Cooperstown, NY. The team is selected by a player tryout conducted every Fall. The Cooperstown team participates in FYB’s Advanced Baseball (AB) program. As such, players must meet eligibility requirements set forth by AB program. Unlike the other AB teams, the FYB Cooperstown team will only conduct tryouts in the Fall. This requires a one year commitment by any interested player and their family. In addition to the practice and game commitments, players and families will be required to participate in all fund raising activities.

Player Eligibility:

The player may not turn 13 years of age before May 1, 2022. In order to qualify to try out for FYB Cooperstown team, player must have played at least one of last two rec seasons at Fishhawk Youth Baseball. Fall ball and Spring ball both qualify as rec seasons. Only players in major division (11U or 12U) may try out for Cooperstown Team. A player may only play for one FYB Cooperstown team. In other words, a player that participates as an 11U player, would not qualify as a 12U player. All other eligibility requirements set forth by Advanced Baseball apply as well.

Manager Eligibility:

In order to qualify to manage FYB Cooperstown team, manager candidate must have managed at least two of last four seasons at Fishhawk Youth Baseball. Exceptions to this rule may be considered by the Fishhawk Youth Baseball Executive Committee.

Team Selection:

Team will be selected by Advanced Baseball selection committee. The committee includes Director of FYB Advanced Baseball, the selected manager, and three at-larger members.

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