Association Governance

Please see below for a list of current FYB Board Members. For questions not related to the board, please email or post the question on our FB page.

  • President: Tom Murphy
  • Vice President: Chris Estep
  • Treasurer: Lara Kelly
  • Asst. Treasurer: 
  • Secretary: Rich Woytowich
  • Player Agent: 
  • Competitive and Advanced Baseball Operations: Brent Sportsman
  • Facilities Manager: 
  • Equipment Manager: Steve Collins
  • Umpire in Chief: Steve Wood
  • Communications Chair: Nicole Evans
  • Coaching Coordinator: Brent Sportsman
  • Scheduling Coordinator: Dan Wentz
  • Badging Coordinator: Greg Monk
  • Concession Manager: Hersal Pickett
  • Concessions Coordinator: Open
  • Volunteer/Team Parent Coordinator: Anne St. John
  • Fundraising Coordinator: 
  • Babe Ruth Division Rep: Schuyler Newsom
  • Major Division Rep: Jennifer Swartzlander
  • Minor Division Rep: Grant Russell
  • Rookie Division Rep: Brent Scoggins
  • T-Ball Division Rep: Brent Sportsman

If you are interested in joining the FYB Board, please contact Tom Murphy.

Board Position Descriptions

President – Responsible for overseeing and facilitating all Executive Board meetings. Represents the League at all Babe Ruth District, State or National functions as appropriate. The President will not be eligible to serve as a manager for either a regular season or an All-Star team. The term will be two years, elected every even year. The President or his designate will publish a letter for each season with communication updates on the league website.

Vice President – Responsible for all matters related to obtaining, developing, monitoring, certifying and implementing discipline. Responsible for background checks and certification of all coaches. Acts on behalf of President in his/her absence. The term will be two years, elected every odd year.

Secretary – Responsible for recording and distributing all pertinent information and decisions made by the Executive Board and/or Board of Directors. Responsible for processing all forms, with the Treasurer, pertaining to preparing and sending any League financial obligations (i.e. Tax Returns, Letters of Incorporation). The Secretary shall be the By-Law Custodian: responsible for maintaining, updating, and distributing the By-Laws. The term will be one year.

Treasurer – Responsible for the fiscal accountability of the League. Signs checks, (should be one of the “two signatures” required), dispenses league funds as approved by league officers, reports on the status of league funds, keeps financial records, prepares budget and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances. With the Secretary, responsible for preparing and sending any League financial obligations (i.e. Tax Returns, Letters of Incorporation). The term will be one year.

Player Agent – Responsible for receiving and processing all registrations and creating tryout grids. Will provide the Board with the number of teams needed in all divisions. Will conduct the drafts in all divisions as required. Player Agent will perform evaluations in the event a player needs to be moved to another division. Responsible for voting and selection process of all post season tournament teams. The term will be one year.

Equipment Manager– Responsible for equipment operating budget directly related to the playing and practicing of Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball. Responsible for the oversight of the equipment. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining all equipment including but not limited to: balls, uniforms, catcher’s gear, etc.

Facilities Manager – Responsible for the necessary equipment and supplies to be used by the League for games and practices, including, but not limited to, field chalk and paint, rakes, quick dry, chalking machines, and pitching machines. Coordinates with FYSA regarding maintenance and improvements to the facility. Responsible for coordinating repair for scoreboards, park lighting, and other facility related needs such as cages, hitting stations, sponsorship signage, etc. Responsible for operating budget for same.

Umpire Coordinator – Responsible for assuring qualified umpires are present at all Babe Ruth, Major, AAA and Minor Division League games. This may be done through agreement with an Umpire’s Association or by coordinating local volunteers. Is a full time member of the Conduct and Rules Committee.

Insurance Coordinator/Safety Officer – Responsible for obtaining proper accident and liability insurance coverage for the protection of the League players and volunteers. Completes insurance applications, develops league safety plan, maintains records of injuries and incidents and is also responsible for filing claims with the insurance companies.

Communications Chair – Responsible for all duties related to announcements, promotion and public-facing information for the League. Includes but not limited to communication with player families, social media and the general public.

Fundraising Chair – Responsible for all duties related to generating revenue for the League with the exception of registration fees and the Concession stand. Responsible for League sponsorship by both individual contributors and local businesses. With the Treasurer, assures the fiscal needs of the league are met.

Concessions Manager – Responsible for manning, operating, and maintaining the League�s Concession Stand. Responsible for operating budget for same.

Scheduling Coordinator – Responsible for creating, distributing and maintaining all game and practice schedules.  Will work with other leagues to set inter-lock schedule for divisions that do not have 4 or more teams.

Volunteer Coordinator – Responsible for communication with and coordination of the League’s team parents’s. Responsible for coordinating concession stand and park cleanup volunteers and team photos. Will assist uniform manager with distribution of team uniforms. Will assist fundraising chair with fundraising events.

Coaching Coordinator – Responsible for processing the Manager and Coaches selection, by ensuring league and county qualifications are met.  Responsible for recruiting and coordinating coaches with each new season.

Division Representatives – Responsible to be a communication and distribution medium from the League to the managers and coaches within their divisions. DMs are also responsible for organizing the coaching staffs for their divisions and submitting them to the Board for ratification. The DM will complete a manager/coach evaluation form for all managers and coaches. All completed forms will be given to the Executive Board for the following season. Also responsible for reporting field maintenance and safety issues to the Groundskeeper and/or Safety Officer. The DM cannot be in charge of a division in which they are managing or coaching. DMs will be assigned as follows: T-Ball, Rookie, Minors, AAA, Majors, Babe Ruth.

Assistant Player Agent – Responsible for assisting the Player Agent, in processing all registrations, operation of the tryout process and drafts.

Assistant Fundraising Chair – Responsible for assisting the Fundraising Chairman, for all duties related to generating revenue for the League with the exceptaion of registration fees and the Concession stand.  Responsible for assisting the Chairman with League sponsorship by both individual contributors and local businesses.

Rules & Bylaws

Fishhawk Youth Baseball Bylaws
FYB League Operating Rules

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