As a new coach to the program we would like you to become familiar with our philosophy and principles.  We strive to ensure our organization is dedicated to providing a fun and positive experience to our players, parents, and umpires. 
As a coach you are held to a higher standard on the ball field. We would like to remind you as a coach you directly influence the players you manage, along with players on opposing teams.  These kids look up to you, so please be a positive role model.  Baseball is more than just a game. You can teach valuable life sessions, such a as: being a leader, being accountable being respectful, to name a few. That means to be a positive influence to each and every player, other coaches, umpires and parents.  We understand the nature of the game is competitive.  However the players will not always recall who won or lost but whether they had fun with friends and enjoyed their time on the field.  Please remember this when you are coaching.   
A successful coach in rec baseball is not based on your winning percentage.  It’s determined on how you developed your players to advance them to the next level and that they had a good time in doing so.   
We ask that you please be respectful to everyone in the program whether you agree or not, in front of children should not be the time nor place.  
Again we greatly appreciate your time and comment to making this a premier program in our county.  


  • Manger applications for AB and REC teams due: December 22
  • AB Tryouts: January 11 and 13
  • Rec Tryouts: January 18 and 21
  • Practices Begin: February 1
  • Opening Ceremony: Friday, February 21
  • Opening Day/First games: February 22
  • End of Season Tournament: May 1-May 16

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