At Fishhawk Youth Baseball, we welcome all players – regardless of talent, experience or gender. However, there are some commonly asked questions you might be curious about. See below for some answers.

Q. What are the ages and divisions?

A. At FYB, children can participate beginning at “league age” 4. (See below for a description.) Here’s a breakdown of the divisions/age groups.

Tball – League age 4-6
Rookies (machine pitch) – League age 7-8
Minors (starts kid pitch) – League age 9-10
Majors – League age 11-12
Juniors – League age 13-15
Seniors – League age 16-18

Q. I heard that the Rookies Division is now broken into two groups?

A. Yes, we now have two divisions: Rookies 7 & 8.

7-year-olds typically play in Rookies 7U, but based on tryouts and the number of registrations, some 7-year-olds will be drafted in the Rookie 8U division. 6-year-olds can try out for Rookies 7U and based on skills and number of registrations will be placed on teams.

Q. What does “league age” mean?

A. League age refers to what your child’s age will be on or before the upcoming April 30. For example, if my child is born on Oct. 4, 2008, he’s league age 9. However, if his birthday is March 3, he’s league age 10.

Q. I noticed that families are required to do volunteer hours. Why? 

A. Because that’s how we keep the park moving for the kids. The saying, “It takes a village,” has never been truer — and it’s a big reason why we have such an amazing park. From the concession stand and park cleanup to our managers and coaches and even our board, every last person is a volunteer. We need our parents to help in the concession stand because it’s our biggest source of revenue to make improvements to the park – whether that be cosmetic or enhanced safety. Park cleanup is also a big job. If you’ve ever been at FYB on a Saturday, you’ll totally understand this!

Q. My child has never played baseball before. What will he/she need?

A. Well, that depends on the division. That said, your basics will always be the following:

  • Bat
  • Glove
  • Cleats
  • Athletic supporter (boys)
  • Baseball pants & tshirt/jersey
  • Batting helmet
  • Cap

Q. Can only younger kids play?

A. No! We welcome all children – regardless of experience. As a recreational organization, we do not turn any child away.

Q. I noticed that the managers and coaches wear badges. What are those for? 

A. ALL volunteers MUST be badged in order to be on the field. This means that they must pass a background check and complete courses in CPR and concussion protocol.

Q. How often will my child’s team play? Do they always practices and play on the same nights?

A. For games, teams typically play on one weeknight a week and just about every Saturday. However, practice nights will vary.

Q. Are all of our practices and games at the Sports Complex?

A. All regularly scheduled games will be played at the Sports Complex. That said, if your game is rained out, we will reschedule it at Pinecrest Little League’s fields (on County Road 39) if necessary. We will also hold add’l practices at Pinecrest as well.

Q. I’ve heard mention of new bat rules?

A. Yes, per Babe Ruth, the rules for bats have changed as of January 2018. Please click here for a quick sheet that explains.

Q. What does my registration fee cover?

A. Reg fees for each season include a jersey and hat. That said, these fees also help pay for umpire fees throughout the season and go toward the overall management of the complex.

Q. What are evaluations and how do they work?

A. There is an evaluation day for all levels (except Tball) at which time managers and assistant coaches can evaluate the players in a fair and equal environment. Each player will get the opportunity to hit and field. Additionally, for those interested there are opportunities to showcase their pitching and catching talents. Managers will then take their scores into the division draft at which time they’ll “draft” their team.

Q. What happens if my child has to miss the evaluation?

A. There will always be one makeup night, typically held shortly after the makeup date. However, if your child misses that as well they will be considered a “hat pick,” meaning that they’ll be given to whoever is next up after all the players have been drafted.

Q. How many players are on a team?

A. It depends on the season and division, but we usually try not to have more than 11-12 players per team.

Q. I’m interested in coaching. How do I get started?

A. Visit our Coaches Corner for more information and to start the process.

Q. Do I need to have a child in the league in order to coach?

A. Nope! While the majority of managers and coaches are parents, you do not have to have a child in the league in order to volunteer.

Q. What is Advanced Baseball?

A. The Advanced Baseball program exists as an extension of and to complement the recreational baseball program. The advanced baseball program exists to provide an “advanced” player that has a higher skill level and has a passion for playing an opportunity to compete at a higher level. This will be accomplished through advanced level instruction and more advanced competition.

Q. Is Advanced Baseball the same as travel baseball?

A. No, Advanced Baseball is only for Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth players. The Advanced Baseball program only competes against other Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth leagues and does not compete in travel baseball tournaments.


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