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FishHawk Youth Baseball Families –

As we open our Spring Registration tomorrow, we have some exciting news to share with all of you.

Starting this Spring, FYB will be adding a new option for our players that are looking for the next level beyond our current offering of Recreational baseball and Advanced Baseball (AB). We are excited to announce that the FishHawk Wolverines will be our competitive arm which will play in the county competitive league and outside tournaments representing the FishHawk community.

The Wolverines competitive team will be open for ages 8-15 with a focus on allowing our players an option to play at a higher level but also remain within the FYB baseball community. 

The main goal is to keep more of our FishHawk players in our park so they can continue to grow on and off the field. As an FYI, the FYB Board is also actively working on a partnership with the High School Baseball coaching staff so they can help with all of our boys to prepare for High School baseball. More to come on this exciting partnership!

Tryout dates will be announced shortly but they will take place at the same time as the AB tryouts in January. All teams will be selected by outside evaluators. 

If your player decides to play for the competitive team, they will not have to play recreational baseball that season. All Recreational and Advanced Baseball will remain within the same format as we play today. 

The FYB board is very focused on providing opportunities for all players of any talent level. We are a developmental recreational league first but want to offer an option for those players looking for the next level up. 

We will be releasing more information in the coming days but wanted everyone to be aware of this exciting new option for the FishHawk community.

Go Wolverines….

Q&A Regarding FishHawk Wolverines Competitive Baseball Program 


  1. How many teams will FishHawk be offering on the Competitive side? 

Answer: This will be determined by the overall numbers that attend tryouts. Our goal is organize the most competitive teams from ages 8-15. 

  1. How much will it cost to participate in the Competitive program? 

Answer: The upfront costs will vary depending on age. Costs include uniform fees and 4 outside tournaments a season.   Any additional tournament fees would be split amongst the players evenly.     

  1. How long will each season run?

Answer: We will have 2 seasons: SPRING [January to July]  and FALL [August to December]

  1. What about eligibility for All Stars? 

Answer: You must play Recreational Baseball to be eligible for All Stars, so our competitive teams will not be eligible for All Stars. 

  1. What about going to Cooperstown with the current ticket?  

Answer: The Cooperstown ticket belongs to the Recreational program. We are looking at potentially adding another ticket or other options for our competitive teams. 


  1. If your child tries out for Competitive baseball and they don’t make a team or there isn’t enough to field a team, can you they still play AB/Rec? 

Answer: Yes, the structure is set to give all players of any skill level a place to play. We will also allow a players a

  1. Will we have to tryout each season? 

Answer: Yes, for both Fall and Spring seasons

  1. Who will be doing the evaluations? 

Answer: FYB will be working with outside entities to complete the evaluations so they are un-biased and fair for the players

  1. How will coaches be selected? 

Answer: Each potential candidate will need to apply and will be interviewed by the Executive board before final approval. 

  1. How many days will the tryout be? 

Answer: 2-3 days at a minimum so all players can be fully evaluated. Please note that all players must attend every session for the tryout. 


  1. Where and how often will the Competitive Teams Practice? 

Answer: Our goal is to have as many practices as possible at FishHawk for all our teams. There may be overflow at surrounding parks depending on time of year.  Practices will be held 2 times a week.

  1. What is the County Competitive League consisting of? 

Answer: Hillsborough County Parks department has organized a competitive league with the goal that other Competitive parks can compete against each other. The goal is to play 5-8 games per season. 

  1. When you say play in other tournaments, what does that consist of? 

Answer: FYB will be looking at USSA and GSA tournaments for our teams. All overnight tournaments will be approved by the executive board of FYB.  

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