Changes Are Coming to the Rookies Division

We are excited to announce that Fishhawk Youth Baseball is introducing some changes to the Rookies Division this fall. Effective immediately, the division will be broken into two separate groups:

  • Rookies AA: For 8-uear-olds and more experienced 7-year-olds
  • Rookies A: For 6- and 7-year-olds


Q. Does my 6-year-old have to try out?
A. Yes, if you would like your child to play in Rookies A, he/she must try out. However, if your child does not try out, he/she will remain in Tball for the fall season.

Q. What do I do if my child would like to try out for Rookies A, but I have already registered him/her for Tball and paid?
A. You should still come to tryouts and if your child makes Rookies A, you will have the chance to pay the difference through our registration system. 

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