Spring 2020 Registration Now Open

Registration for the spring season is now officially open!

Important Spring Dates:

  • Manger applications for AB and REC teams due: December 22
  • AB Tryouts: January 11 and 13
  • Rec Tryouts: January 18 and 21
  • Practices Begin: February 1
  • Opening Ceremony: Friday, February 21
  • Opening Day/First games: February 22
  • End of Season Tournament: May 1-May 16

Additionally, over the past year or so, we’ve been making some incredible changes and upgrades at the fields – some you may have noticed, maybe some you haven’t!

In everything we do, our primary concern is always the safety of all, also keeping in mind the overall player and guest experience.

Given this, here’s a quick look at where your fees go and also an explanation about some of the more recent happenings at the fields.

Where your registration fees go: Fishhawk Youth Baseball (FYB) relies solely on community support from sponsorships and our registration fees in order to operate. We get minimal support from Hillsborough County, other than general maintenance of the physical structures on property. FYB is responsible for maintaining the fields and batting cages.

Additionally, we have also begun paying for additional care and maintenance in the restrooms in order to make them cleaner and ensure that supplies do not run out. 

The following items are partially covered by your registration fees:

  • Uniforms
  • Field maintenance (fertilizing, pest services and mowing of the grass)
  • Clay, sand, chalk and field dry
  • Fencing
  • Batting cage maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Safety bases
  • Insurance
  • Charter fees and dues for Babe Ruth League and District 13
  • All improvements (outside of restrooms and concession stands) to renovate existing or build new fields. 

Where your fundraising dollars go: Additionally, fundraising activities and corporate sponsorships also provide some funding. These fees have helped pay for the following recent renovations:

  • Batting cages rebuild
  • Installation of new foul ball netting and fencing on Majors, Juniors Field
  • Rebuild of Minors Field turf, mound, clay and sprinklers
  • Rebuild of Majors Field turf, mound, clay and sprinklers
  • Addition of in-field conditioner on ALL FIELDS (reduces rainouts and improves conditions of fields)
  • Upgrades to bullpens on the Minors and Juniors fields
  • Blue Tooth Score board

In the future, we will be taking on additional projects that improve safety and improve the children’s experience.

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