Player Evals – Have Any Qs?

New to FYB or player evals? Have some questions? Fear not, we have you covered. See below for the most asked questions about starting up for the season.

What gear should my child have with him/her?
Players must provide their own glove and bat. Additionally, if your child wears batting gloves, they should bring them as well. Players should also bring their own batting helmets.

What should my child wear?
Players should wear baseball appropriate clothing. This includes baseball pants, baseball shirt or tee and hat. Cleats are optional but strongly encouraged.

Does my child have to wear a protective cup?
Players are strongly encouraged to wear a protective cup.

What if my child misses the evaluations?
He/she will still be drafted.

What if I don’t register by evaluations?
Your child will automatically be waitlisted.

When will my child find out what team he/she is on?
Managers will be “drafting” their teams shortly after the evaluations. You will be notified that week.

When do practices start?
Aug. 27.

When do games start?
Sept. 10


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