When’s Your Baseball Eval?

With the switch to player evaluations this fall, you may be wondering when and where to be. No worries, we have you covered. Take a peek below. All evaluations are on Saturday, Aug. 20.

Who: Rookies
Where: Minor Field
8:30 AM – 7-year-olds
10:30 AM – 8-year-olds

Who: Minors
Where: Minor Field
1:30 PM – 9-year-olds
3:30 PM – 10-year-olds

Who: Majors
Where: Majors Field
8:30 AM – 11-year-olds
10:30 AM – 12-year-olds

Who: Juniors
Where: Junior Field
1:30 PM – 13-year-olds
3:30 PM – 14/15 year-olds

Note: Please arrive 30 minutes early for check in. This will allow us to start tryouts on time.


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